It’s A Multichannel World

Managing printing and integrating it with the rest of the marketing communication mix is more complex than ever before. It requires a higher level of expertise in printing, database management, and postal production processes, as well as a vetted network of printers. For most companies, that level of print management is not a core competency of their marketing departments; as a result, many marketers are turning to outsourcing solutions to improve print management.


Print outsourcing involves consolidating print management and procurement with a company that specializes in printing and can provide the vital consulting services to optimize print production and distribution, coordinate print with communication across all channels, and leverage print spending to create significant savings.

Working with a print management partner with expertise in both print and mail can deliver significant benefits to more than the bottom line.  It gives your team more options to be creative and ultimately drive more results. Because of the extensive network of solution providers we work with, we can give clients many innovative options.


We help clients create and manage direct mail programs that generate results. We increase response rates and lower your cost. We can manage every detail of a program to insure it delivers the right message to the right customer at the right time. We have innovative, proactive solutions every step of the way, from design and messaging strategy to tracking programs. Our focus is on helping you excel by providing endless marketing opportunities. We will work with you to develop and deliver the best program within your budget.


With access to a global network of warehouses, pma can serve all our clients’ fulfillment projects, from e-commerce programs to collating printed materials, or assembling multiple component sales kits. Your products are continuously monitored and safeguarded and are immediately available for distribution. We can pick and pack from inventory or provide product and kit assembly.

Our remote, web-based ordering system allows web-based ordering with pick and pack operations, reporting for inventory control and online ordering processes.



Maximize lead value with our easy-to-use lead management solution by capturing, routing, measuring, and scoring leads.

Marketing often spends countless hours, weeks, or months waiting for sales results, which cripples their ability to quickly invest in better lead gen programs. Knowing instantly how your sales team is performing allows for better decisions, which improves spend, which creates more leads, which creates more sales.


Our in-house design department is committed to providing exceptional creative services. We work as your design team or as an extension of your team by recommending design changes that can save money and improve response rates.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of companies and brands, as well as with a variety of creative media and we are accustomed to managing corporate brand identity standards and guidelines.


We work hard to provide our clients with innovative, cost effective promotional products. We work with you to understand what your brand and campaign goals are, to create a promotional product mix that improves your marketing ROI. Adding a promotional product to the media mix generates favorable attitudes toward a print campaign. The use of a promotional product impacts brand interest and creates a good impression of the brand. The implied value of promotional product can lift response rates on marketing campaigns.